Try Glass Fusion.
Fuse glass frit to a glazed piece of bisque.

Come check it out!.

Glass Fusion pieces include a cross, butterfly, fish, frog, gecko, welcome plaque or dragonfly.  Fun and easy!  Everything provided.  Call 873-4262 today for more info and to reserve your spot.

Come make the fusion cross for only $32 complete!
Everything you need is included.
Your choice of glaze color.
Your choice of glass colors.
Studio fee.  Firing.

Call today to reserve your spot.

We also have a gift shop with items ready for gift giving or for you home decor.  You can also order a custom piece to match your tastes or for that very special unique gift.
Personalized items

available, too.
Cajun Country Ceramics is a traditional ceramics studio where you can take ceramics classes and art classes to learn the art of taking a piece from greenware (unfired state) to a fantastic finished work of art you can be proud to give or keep for yourself to display or use.

You can also come in to the ceramics studio
to just Paint Your Own Pottery.  You'll still get the attention and assistance you would get when taking a ceramics class.

Unleash Your Creativity!

In our art classes and ceramics classes you can learn brush work and painting techniques that you can use on a wide variety of items.

We offer greenware, bisque, finished ware, supplies, tools and personal service to help you finish your project in several different techniques.  Each technique offers a different look.  Join us for a ceramics class to get step by step instruction or buy and take home to work on.  Here or at home, you can enjoy doing it your way!

Relax, be creative and learn while you have fun!
Join a class with a family member and get discounts on class fees.

You'll learn how to paint greenware and bisque.  You can "play" with glaze combinations to get a unique piece.  Learn to take a piece of greenware and make it totally different.

At Cajun Country Ceramics studio, ceramics classes are also art classes where you can learn the following:
painting strokes
 painting with underglazes
painting with acrylics, pearls, or metallics
glaze combinations
how to use new glazes
Lots of FUN!

We also offer special technique ceramics classes using new products, techniques and combinations.
Come check us out!
Call today to set up a time convenient for you.
9 am - 6 pm       Monday - Thursday
9 am - 5:30 pm  Friday

9 am - 2 pm       Saturday or
   later if we are here
By appointment on Sunday
and for parties.

Open later on weekdays when we have an evening class.

Hours may vary slightly due to pickups and deliveries.

Parties and other times are available by appointment.